Redis Developer Community Meetup

APAC (Virtual)
Sat, Aug 7, 9:00 AM (IST)

About this event

This August 07th, 2021, Redis Developer Community is conducting a meetup event for Database practitioners. This will be a 100% virtual event where Developer's mindset, skills, and tools converge. This will be a half-day event that brings together leaders in Developer, DevOps, and the Cloud-native world to collaborate and learn from each other. We encourage people with technology and business backgrounds to attend, learn and share experiences.

Mark your calendars for August 7th, and get ready to join the world’s largest gathering of Redis experts. Call for Papers is open, submit your proposal by July 25th!

Submit your paper at

Who can attend

Primary Audience:

- Application Developers

- DevOps, DevSecOps

- IT Ops

- Solution Architects Manager

- Practitioners: Solution Architects, SRE, Application Developers, Managers

- Open Source Maintainers: Includes Projects Leads and Contributors

- Leaders: Directors, CxOs, Presidents, VPs

Speaker Guidelines:

We are currently accepting 30-minute talk proposals from interested speakers. As our conference is fully virtual, we cordially invite all to make a submission (or submissions). Our core audience will consist of Application Developers, DevOps, open-source maintainers, software architects, Product Managers, open-source experts, IoT and application security professionals. Make sure you understand the speaker guidelines before submitting your session. Attendance is 100% free and online.


- Problems you solved with Redis — We all know that Redis is great for caching, but maybe you built something more with Redis, like a geolocation service, a real-time search backend, or a central message broker.

- Redis modules in the real world — Are you using RediSearch, RedisJSON, RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries, or any of the other Redis modules? What problems were you able to solve with these modules? What did you build?

- Using Redis with your favorite programming language for framework — What should developers know to get the most out of Redis?

- Redis and DevOps world

- Using Redis in the IoT Edge world - Using Redis for IoT and ML/DL? Is there any interesting use cases around sensors, video analytics, object & text detection

- Redis in the Cloud-Native world - Are you using Redis as a microservice in your Cloud-native infrastructure? How does it fit into your technology stack?

LIVE sessions

Please note that there will be no pre-recorded sessions. This is a live, online meetup event; however, we might air pre-recorded sessions, if needed, that might be due to time zones and potential technical difficulties.

Presentation platform

The presentation platform for all the speakers will be Streamyard and the participants get a chance to ask queries and watch the sessions via YouTube and other social media platform(will be announced shortly)

Promotion of the event

Marketing campaigns are set up to help promote the Meetup event. In case you’re a speaker and want to promote your talk on social media, you can prepare a 60-sec video for a social promo. We will be promoting your session starting a month and a half before the event. This will include your name, your presentation, and anything else we can fit that will encourage people to attend your session. We want you to get exposure on a global scale for your session.

Support for the speaker’s presentation

You won’t be left alone to “sink or swim” during your presentation. Your track hosts and moderators will be there to help with any technology glitches and to support you with audience involvement and participation.

Live interaction with your audience

Speaking of audience involvement and participation, we’ll have a YouTube chat set up so you can exchange messages with your audience during your session, as well as afterward to answer any questions that might have come up. Usually, the steam yard platform fetches those chat messages that can be displayed directly over the platform seamlessly.

Submit your CFP at